Pile Gripper Frame for monopile foundations installation

Eager.one supplied a Pile Gripper Frame with a capacity of 1400t, that was designed to install monopile foundations for the Veja Mate OWF project. Subsequently, the pile gripper was installed on the offshore wind installation vessel Seajacks Scylla.

The double stage gripper is equipped with a system to compensate motions during lowering through the splash zone.

Engineering, fabrication and installation on the vessel were all part of the scope of work of Eager.one.

Take a look at the video below to see the pile gripper being installed on the vessel.


Another video was recorded on board of the Seajacks Scylla. It shows a time-lapse of the installation of the monopile foundations with the new pile gripper.


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The Pile Gripper Frame is a double stage gripper to install monopile foundations, with a capacity of 1400t. The monopiles are installed from an offshore wind installation vessel.

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