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Heavy complex machinery forms the foundation of our engineering activities. We’re experts in the design of mobile cranes and heavy equipment such as piling machines and excavators. Our customer base includes the most prominent manufacturers and operators of cranes and piling rigs worldwide. In addition, our state of the art, in-house developed drawing and design programs enable us to calculate capacity tables for each crane in conformity with any desired standard.

The team was instrumental in meeting our safety goal for the Shell Nyhamna expansion project!

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Design of heavy complex machinery

Our engineers are familiar with the mechanics of heavy equipment. Huge mobile cranes, piling rigs and big A-frames for dredging equipment are within our mechanical portfolio. From concept sketches to the final welding specification: we cover all your needs.

  • Together with the team of the client we develop and design heavy machinery. The kick-off is always a team effort to get a clear specification and list of requirements: the Basis of Design. The team is now able to work out a concept for further evaluation with the client. Is this the right solution? Is this concept the right translation of the BoD into a working piece of equipment? Having all parties satisfied engineers now can complete the next phases up to the detailed design and construction drawings. Thorough checks and verifications using state of the art design and FEA software guarantee the fit for purpose of the unique machine. Our engineering deliverables include operations manuals, capacity charts, as built drawings and test protocols. All prepared for further certification and CE marking.
    The engineers are familiar with almost every design standard. In the majority of the design projects we agree in the early stages of a project on the standards used. Using the EN standards or an offshore standard from Lloyd’s or DNV-GL, the engineer is fully familiar with it.

Design of cranes and piling equipment

Since 1979 we have deepened our knowledge of the design of mobile cranes and piling equipment. In those 4 decades, we’ve seen it all. We’ve combined the most valuable learnings and used those to develop our own design software and system. That way, we can guarantee the best results.

  • Our team is familiar with all aspects of a crane design.
    We’ve designed a wide array of crane types like mobile cranes, crawler and ringer cranes, fixed offshore cranes and more
    And as an independent player, we’ve worked with many crane brands and types. Both the in-depth theoretical know-how and the operational experience of our engineers, truly add value to your team.

  • We’ve developed a unique and refined package of design services specifically for the piling business. Basically we consider a piling rig as an extension of a mobile crawler crane. Our team is proficient at calculating the stability and strength of any type of piling machine. We would love to inform you about special applications, upgrades or assist you with requests for information.

  • We are often called with the question if we see a possibility to get a little bit more out of a crane configuration. With the specific and unique design software for cranes we are able to determine if the basic design of a mobile or fixed crane has reached the ultimate limit according to the legal standards.

  • And does not stop with a general arrangement. All detailed design of any crane components are part of our deliverables. You don’t have the design information available or you want to modify uniquely specific components? No problem. We’ll examine the existing rig in the field, acquire all relevant information and make sure the design perfectly fits into the existing machine.

Calculation of crane capacity charts

  • With our in-house design software STERK ©, we calculate capacity charts for all kinds of cranes. Our software is independent from any brand or type of crane. And even the charts for telescopic cranes or heavy ringer cranes can be calculated with it. STERK © also calculates 2 nd order effects which makes it perfectly suitable for the calculation of charts for extreme long booms and jibs.

  • The use of offshore cranes is often limited by the ocean dynamics and sea states. With our software we’re well equipped to calculate the capacity chart for offshore cranes in dynamic environments, various sea conditions and the limiting demands from certification bodies.

  • A mobile crane is often not designed to cope with the offshore and near shore environments. We know how to overcome the resulting challenges: by calculating the special charts for this combination considering the limited forces in the critical components.

  • Operators often are looking to gain a 10-15% more capacity in the chart to get a job. We gladly offer a helping hand. Our engineers work with STERK ©, used to calculate the limits in crane design. This maximizes the crane capacity within the required safety standards.

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