Sheerlegs 1200t Crane design

Our client assigned to design major modifications to the crane design of one of their sheerlegs.


Sheerlegs 1200t Crane design

This sheerlegs was suggested to install tripods (offshore wind turbine foundations) on the seabed. The original boom had the lifting capacity, but could not meet the requirements with respect to lifting height.

A longer boom has been designed along with an extension of the A-frame (back mast) to cope with the decreasing angles of the luffing tackles.

A challenge was to deal with the fatigue of the various components of the sheerlegs, some parts have been designed new, but others should be reused and these already had a fatigue history.

After completing the design with calculations and workshop drawings a design appraisal has been supplied by DNVGL.

sheerlegs a-frame


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The Sheerlegs 1200t crane design has a longer boom and an extension of the A-frame (back mast). Modifications have been made to the older one, as some parts have been designed new because of fatigue.

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