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Heavy lifting and special transport are activities with high-risk profiles. Optimizing cooperation across project partners, strongly reduces this risk. offers both the theoretical basis of heavy lifting and special transport and the execution of the lifting and transport activities in the field.

During our consultancy projects we have prepared numerous lifting and rigging plans, including 3rd party reviews and on-site supervision.



Struggling with your onshore and offshore logistics, like cranes and transport equipment? Our engineers will solve your puzzle! Our standard step-by-step approach, combined with the comprehensive equipment database, is a solid starting point for setting up your method statements.

  • We’ve prepared numerous lifting plans for both onshore and offshore projects, solid starting points are key for preparing a professional lifting plan. Creating a strong lifting plan requires calculating safe working loads, preparation of drawings and consideration of safety factors in accordance with used standards. Based on that, the following steps will help to develop a flawless plan.

    For onshore lifting plans our engineers will start with a thorough investigation of the load, surroundings and soil conditions. Based on those insights, our independent position allows objective advice on the best suitable crane for your needs.

    For offshore lifting plans the chosen standard (approved by the Marine Warranty Surveyor) and the chosen installation vessel, i.e. jack-up, floating or land crane on a barge, are the basis for our preparations. For the load-out and offshore installation the Dynamic Amplification Factors will be determined and are followed by the selection of load charts for the main hook, auxiliary hook or whip-hook. These parameters give insight in the maximum capabilities of your crane on the vessel and will conclude the feasibility of the requested lifts.

  • The right rigging selection is key in reaching your goals. During the project kick-off, our engineers and your team will work together on the best approach. Do you require cost-efficient rigging? Or is time of the essence and will lightweight rigging meet your requirements? We will outline the possibilities and latest innovations to help you decide what type of rigging to use. The final plan includes both the available rigging from your inventory and the application of rigging based on the project approach.

  • Risk assessment / HAZID skills are strongly embedded in our teams. is all about the way to be aware and to eliminate risks around lifting and transportation.
    Both our theoretical basis and our operational experience form the core of setting up a risk assessment or a HAZID meeting. has developed standards that results in an efficient and constructive assessment.


Our consultant will provide you the extra insurance cover in recognizing risks around lifting and transportation projects and to bolster the cooperation between the parties involved.

  • Today’s top-notch technologies and state of the art CAD and planning software, allow companies to prepare their own lifting & transport plans. EPC contractors recognize the value of auditing those plans and see it as a standard procedure. Only after a professional analysis, the plans are approved.

    Our consultants are independent experts that can thoroughly review those plans. Their extensive check on the assumptions made and criteria underlying a plan, minimizes inaccuracies. That way, you as a main contractor will have the assurance that the plans you execute, are both valid and verified.

  • It’s all about the mitigation of risks. So don’t hesitate to use the expertise in performing risk assessments and HAZID’s to have your own assessment being reviewed. An independent view of your risks and hazards will always create added value. The right way to eliminate risks.

  • Our engineering team is familiar with the design of complex mission equipment. Top level mechanical engineers will use their expertise to perform a design check and verification of your design against the specification and standards dictated by the client. We provide a complete verification document, used for final certification of the equipment.


We eagerly support your project team with our knowledge of lifting & transportation. We strive to eliminate risks wherever possible and aim to reach our collective goal: Zero Accidents, Zero Incidents. Our customers experience our work on site as an additional catalyst that reduces risks and increases safety of operations.

  • General management on a job site is often not able to answer delicate questions on the preparation and execution of lifting and transport operations. Why struggle with the gap in your team’s know-how and experience in this specific business.
    Empower your team by letting one of our Subject Matter Experts (SME) Lifting & Transport add to your team’s know-how and experience. Even Shell and ExxonMobil teams have benefited from our expertise, as our consultants monitored and improved their lifting & transport activities.

  • Before starting a complex operation, surveys and specific studies will be completed to make sure all risk elements are covered. For instance, when performing a complex transport job our engineers will be available to do a last minute route survey to check on specific crossings of culverts, bridges and rail-roads. With this survey, you will be able to solve any last minute problems well before the transport arrives.

  • Unfortunately too many accidents still happen in the lifting and transport business. Often the root cause is simple and the case does not require an analysis by experts. But in some cases, it’s unclear what happened and why, leaving the client distressed and searching for answers.
    This requires a comprehensive analysis of the root cause of the accident. We can offer the right knowledge and experience to provide a thorough investigation that brings you answers and insights.

  • We help you ensure the execution of lifting of transport activities are compliant with the reviewed plans. Our team of lifting supervisors and transport coordinators are at the ready with many years of experience in the field. And when the plans change, our experts support the implementation of the adjustments.


Our 40 years of experience and bottlenecks within the market come together in our Eager.Academy. Would you like to learn more about lift plans or just looking for those few tips that will save you a lot of time? Take a look at our master classes in the Eager.Academy.

  • In 2 days you will learn all ins & outs and obtain a better understanding of the do’s and don’ts in Heavy Lifting & Special Transport. This will directly improve safety and efficiency at your workplace.

  • During this masterclass you will learn to read, analyze and create lifting plans.

  • Through regular repetition, knowledge will stick in the minds of your people. That’s why and eWorks developed several eLearning modules.

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