Jack-up legs lifting and spudcan installation

Aeolus (Van Oord) is an innovative and advanced transport and installation jack-up vessel for installing Offshore wind turbines. The jack-up vessel was ordered by Van Oord at the German shipyard Sietas in Hamburg and was to be delivered in September 2012. Eager.one was asked to construct lifting equipment for the jack-up legs and to prepare a method statement for placing the legs and spudcans.

lifting jack-up leg

Jack-up legs lifting 

For the lifting of the four legs, we designed heavy lifting equipment. We came up with the idea of a hydraulic pin-pusher lifting tool, to lift the legs at the top. At the bottom of the leg, we installed a tailing frame to support the legs during the upending. First, we placed the legs upright on the dock and removed the frame before positioning the leg into the jack-up vessel.

hydraulic pin pusher lifting tool

jack-up leg installation

Spudcans attached by divers

As soon as the four legs were installed, it was time to attach the spudcans to the legs. Spudcans are inverted cones which are mounted below the jack-up legs. Eager.one prepared the method statement to install the spudcans out of the drydock. Via the jack-up leg, a cable was lowered and attached to the spudcan by divers. After that, the spudcan was lifted and bolted to the leg from the inside. A very precise job.

For support during the operation, our engineers were present on-site at the time the spudcans were installed. Therefore, setbacks could be immediately solved, which ensured a swift operation.

Spudcan installation

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Heavy lifting equipment was designed for the lifting of four jack-up legs. A hydraulic pin-pusher lifting tool lifted the legs at the top. And at the bottom of the jack-up leg a tailing frame was installed, to support the legs during the upending.

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