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It’s a very competitive market out there. Only the best will survive. Be sure to keep your knowledge up to date with our master classes and be the eager expert your relations can count on.

40 years of experience enables us to evaluate the tension between innovative tech and its risks. We know the bottlenecks in the lifting and transport world and translated this into our master classes.

Over the past 40 years, we have built up a great deal of experience within the world of Heavy Lift & Special Transport

Ton Raemakers Senior Consultant

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A professional liftplan in 8 steps

29 January 2020

Get the crucial 8 elements for a sound preparation of your heavy lift.

Lifting Techniques in the offshore industry

New date will be announced soon

You will learn about the engineering basics for offshore heavy lifting and installation.

It's all about heavy transport

New date will be announced soon

You will learn the basic ins & outs of heavy transport by SPMT and conventional platform trailer.

Installation and maintenance in the onshore wind industry

New date will be announced soon

You will learn about new techniques for onshore wind maintenance and ins & outs on installation of onshore wind farms using large cranes with a focus on the preparation of the operations and the job site.

Infra-tech: lifting and shifting the professional way

New date will be announced soon

You will learn the basic ins & outs of the different techniques available for vertical and horizontal transport.

In-company classes

Get your tailor-made in-company master class, composed on your specific wishes out of all the various master class modules. This companies proceded you: Jan de Nul, Eneco, Victor Buyck, Al Jaber.

Why you should attend:

E-Learning Modules

Together with our sister company eWorks, we developed a series of e-learning modules.

Available e-learning modules:

  • Rigging and Lifting Safety Training
  • SPMT & Trailer Transport Safety Training
  • Safety Culture Microlearnings
  • BeOne eWorksSafety Moment eShots

Currently under development:

  • Gantry Cranes Safety Training
  • Skidding Safety Training
  • Strand Jacks Safety Training

About e-Works

eWorks, a sister company of, is an eLearning company specialized in safety training with the goal to improve safety behavior for their customers. Contact to discuss the benefits and impact that the training can have on your organization. eWorks strives to create and reinforce safety messages, becoming part of the companies safety culture.

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