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In an intensely competitive market, excellence is the key to success. Stay at the forefront of your field with our specialized in-company masterclasses and a comprehensive library of online videos, all centered around heavy lifting and special transport. Elevate your expertise and become the go-to authority your clients depend on.

"Over the past 45 years, we have built up a great deal of experience within the world of Heavy Lift & Special Transport."

Ton Raemakers Senior Consultant

Masterclasses in Heavy Lifting & Special Transport

Almost 45 years of experience enable us to evaluate the tension between innovative tech and its risks. We know the bottlenecks in the world of heavy lifting and special transport and we have translated these into several (online) masterclasses, webinars and videos.

Offline and online

The Eager.academy started off with 1-day or 2-day masterclasses in a classroom. We still organize classroom sessions (mainly in-company) but next to that we are now also offering a growing set of online videos. Each video gives you an introduction in one of the many interesting subjects from the world of heavy lifting and special transport.

Online Eager.Academy

Browse the videos and recordings below and start to elevate your knowledge today!

Online video | Don't underestimate power of wind

Wind is often one of the main causes in severe accidents in the lifting industry. This online video will tell you more about the checks you can do that can avoid risk caused by wind.

Online video | Stability of SPMT transport

This online video will present an introduction to the stability of SPMT transports. It will explain everything you need to know about three and four point hydraulic suspensions.

Online video | Floating Crane Stability

This online video will present an introduction about floating crane stability. The video will teach you a quick-scan technique that you can use to determine the stability of a crane on a barge.

Online Masterclass | Operating cranes on barges?

What are the differences between operating cranes on barges and operating cranes on land? And how do you prepare yourself for these types of jobs?

Webinar | The basic principles of SPMT transport stability

During this webinar you can learn more about the basic principles of stability of SPMT transports, which covers topics like the stability, the forces and elasticities involved and our approach on how to judge the stability.

In-company Masterclasses

Are you interested to elevate the knowledge in your company about heavy lifting and special transport? Take a look at the possibilities for in-company masterclasses below.

Tailor-made In-company classes | online and/or on location

Get your tailor-made in-company masterclass

We will compose the masterclass on your specific wishes, based upon existing masterclass modules. The masterclass can be given on-site, but also online.

Masterclass | A professional lifting plan in 8 steps

online / on location

Get the crucial 8 elements for a sound preparation of your heavy lift. With a focus on the risks around a lifting operation and the way to eliminate these by a professional preparation.

Masterclass | Basics of Heavy Lifting & Special Transport

online / on location

A general introduction in the techniques and engineering basics of heavy lifting and heavy special transport

Masterclass | Lifting & Skidding the professional way

online / on location

With a focus on various techniques and some engineering basics for lifting and skidding in the infratech.

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