Delta 600 prototype in production is proud to be the engineering partner for the innovative Delta 600 Prototype project of Seaqualize.

Balanced Heave Compensation

Seaqualize develops and delivers Balanced Heave Compensation systems, from smart concepts to offshore certified products. After securing the finances, supported by a generous Topsector Energy grant of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Seaqualize is now progressing with the realization of the first inline Active Heave Compensator for inline lifts, for 600mT, the Delta 600 Prototype (D600p).

The basic design and engineering have been finalized and assembly and commissioning of the D600p have now started. Subsequently, the on- and nearshore testing is planned for the first months of 2021. We are looking forward to see the Delta 600P in live action next year!

balanced heave compensation Delta 600 Prototype

Complex heavy equipment is the foundation of our engineering activities is the expert in the design of heavy lifting equipment, from concept sketches to the final welding specification, we cover all your needs. As a result, our customer base includes the most prominent manufacturers of heavy equipment and contractors worldwide, onshore and offshore. Read more about our engineering activities. Or take a look at the equipment we have designed using balanced heave compensation, or other forms of motion compensation.

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