Modular Structures for non-routine Lifting

Replacing flare tips requires working at great heights with limited space in some of the harshest and remote environments, often not accessible by cranes. Therefore, a safe and efficient replacement method is of the utmost importance.

State-of-the-Art Modular Flare Tip Handling Systems

The cooperation between Suprotech and started many years ago. has designed and constructed multiple modular lifting systems, which are readily available in the Suprotech fleet.

The Modular Flare Tip Handling System is developed by Suprotech and It facilitates flare tip replacements both on- and offshore, from onshore flare stacks to offshore fixed platforms and FPSO’s, while maximizing safety and production and minimizing downtime. Therefore, the need for any additional cranes or helicopters is therefore ruled out. All items will be lifted to the flare’s top platform manually by means of a hand carried single pole. The flare tip handling system can be used on existing assets, but is also a great alternative for a retractable davit.

The animated video shows a flare tip replacement, while using the Modular Flare Tip Handling System.

Project Specific Modular Lifting Solutions

As the lifting system is modular, it can be customized to suit all types of lifting services. Each special lift has its own requirements, characteristics and challenges concerning height, load capacity and environmental circumstances. Due to the flexibility of the system, it can be adjusted to fit any scenario without major technical and commercial impact. is involved in each new project to provide the engineering service. This involves calculation of capacity charts, setting up method statements and lifting plans. But also drawings and drafting of any other mandatory documents, for the readily available Modular Flare Tip Handling System.

Suprotech and continue to work in close cooperation to serve their clients, realizing the most efficient replacement method, while maximizing safety and production and minimizing downtime.

Take a look at an impressive flare tip replacement in Surinam, executed by Suprotech.


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