Decommissioning lifting plan for decommissioning job by DEME

The Q1 Halfweg platform was an abandoned gas production facility in the North Sea, located 28 kilometers west of Julianadorp, The Netherlands. On New Year’s Eve 2017 a Portuguese-flagged chemical tanker hit the platform. The collision caused damage to the four tubular steel legs of the platform and its bow. Luckily, no pollution has been reported after the incident. But due to this incident and the damage it has caused, it was decided to remove the Q1 Halfweg platform.

Support DEME with decommissioning lifting plan supported DEME with a decommissioning lifting plan based on the 3D study “Weight Report” by GeoSea. The lifting plan was a total report containing advice how to lift the topside safely and how to remove the Halfweg- platform and foundation legs.


The Apollo is one of the two new DP2 jack-up vessels from DEME. Equipped with a 800t leg-encircling crane and long lattice legs measuring 106.8 meters.

The Apollo successfully decommissioned the Q1 Halfweg platform 500t topside, including its four foundation legs. Despite the stormy weather, it went very well and the platform was brought to shore for recycling.

The project is a real milestone, demonstrating the Apollo’s versatility to perform a range of duties in the energy sector and our expertise in the decommissioning field.” DEME stated.

decommissioning lifting plan for Apollo jack-up vessel

Video Decommissioning Project

Take a look at this nice video for an impression of the total decommissioning project:


Decommissioning market on the rise

According to industry experts, decommissioning will take a bigger share of the spending in the energy sector in the coming decade. For example, in the Dutch sector, 77 (of the 150 remaining) platforms will be removed by 2025.

In coming decades, an increasing number of oil and gas fields will reach the end of their economic life. The government and the business industry facilitate and coordinate the re-use and re-allocation of the infrastructure in order to contribute to the energy transition. However, in many cases re-use or re-purpose of the available hardware will not be possible. In these cases, the wells will be abandoned and the hardware will be dismantled. Where possible, recycling of the hardware takes place.

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