3rd Party Review of Regenerator Exchange Project

Over more than 40 years, Eager.one has been assigned to execute 3rd party review work for plant owners and EPC contractors in the Oil & Gas industry worldwide. 3rd Party Reviews are often planned to secure safety, reduce planning risks and fill possible knowledge gaps in the project team. This is also the case for a generator exchange for one of our clients. During the planning phase and work execution of this project, the Eager.one team was involved in reviewing and consulting.

3rd Party Review during project preparation

Many of our clients have personnel that is trained to review and coordinate day-to-day small/standard transport and lifting work. However, they often do not feel comfortable enough for the big and complex work. For example, during turnarounds and other main maintenance and modifications of multimillion assets. A 3rd party review during the preparation phase, and if required on-site assistance during the execution phase, can be the solution.

Lifting Points

During lifting of a regenerator head, the lifting points can cause issues since the head has refractory at the inside. To keep the refractory intact, the head may not deform too much. On local scale, this normally leads to discussions about the lifting points. Often this is solved by multiple lifting points to spread the load and reduce local stress and strain.

However, a high number of lifting points can easily lead to an unbalance between the lifting points. This is caused by the tolerances on the lifting equipment. For example, more than 3 lifting points can play a significant influence on the load spreading over the lifting point. Here, our years of experience of 3rd party reviews on many sites comes in place. This allows us to solve and later check this multidiscipline issue in a safe and efficient manner.

3rd Party Reviews, in combination with on-site assistance and supervision, has been a proven concept over the years for our client’s management to secure their assets will be safe during high risk periods  like Turnarounds.

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