Sennebogen 5500 Upgrade to 200 tons class

Van den Heuvel Cranes & Services BV is distributor of Sennebogen cranes in the Netherlands. Together we explored the feasibility of an upgrade of a 160 tons Sennebogen 5500 into the 200 tons class. Based on our engineering studies, this type of crane can be made more competitive, looking at the crane structure and behavior.

First, we started a feasibility study. This study included the inventory of the required engineering data, the setup of preliminary calculations and an investigation of the weakest crane components.

crane 5500 upgrade test

Sennebogen 5500 during load test, 45t at 74.7 m boom

Sennebogen 5500 Upgrade

Calculations is one, proofing it by testing is another. The upgraded machine has proven its quality and the proofing test has confirmed that the calculations were executed with great accuracy.

Final result, an upgrade of approximately 60% at some combinations of the luffing jib appeared to be possible. The main boom capacities were also upgraded significantly.


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