in-company masterclass

Our in-company masterclasses provide you the opportunity to create a masterclass that completely suits the wishes and needs of your company. With a group of minimum 8 attendees, this masterclass is an efficient way to educate your whole team.

Over the past 40 years, we have built up a great deal of experience within the world of Heavy Lift & Special Transport

Ton Raemakers Senior Consultant

Get your tailor-made in-company master class, composed on your specific wishes out of all the various master class modules.

An In-Company Masterclass is an excellent event and course for your team only.

Company specific topics will be combined with the general basics of the standard Masterclasses.

An In-Company Masterclass is perfect for companies involved in:

  • Project and construction business
  • Logistics
  • Operations in the process industry
  • Construction management/project management/plant management
  • Civil works
  • Lifting & Transport supervision and operations
  • EPCI Contracts
  • Oil & Gas business
  • Rigging & Lifting Supervision
  • Crane/trailer operations
  • Offshore Construction
  • Dealing with heavy lift & special transport in general.

Practical Information

Please send us an email for a tailor-made proposal.


In one day only, you’ll get the basic ins and outs of various lifting and transport techniques and a roadmap how to prepare your project.

Meet colleagues from different industries

Specifically, practically and directly applicable

More than 800 people have preceded you.

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