Impressive Lifting Beam for Scaldis has designed and constructed a game-changing lifting beam for Scaldis. This state-of-the-art lifting beam enables our client to work faster and safer, making use of the full capacity and capability of the heavy lifting vessel Gulliver.

close-up beam, spreader and link plates

Unique features

Together with our client, we have developed a lifting beam with two unique features.

  • A safe connection system is designed to minimize the exposure during connecting and disconnecting the rigging. Rigging connection is established via the auxiliary lifting hoists, hydraulic pin-pushers and lower link plates (yellow items in the image above).
  • The beam is equipped with two skiddable forks, the green and red parts of the beam. These adjustable forks can be positioned/aligned remotely, by means of a hydraulic push-pull system, situated above the lifting points. This will simplify and shorten the required rigging.

transport on SPMT to heavy-lift vessel

The image above shows the connectors in storage/sea-fastening position. This position allows easy placement on the vessel during transport.

Remote control and monitoring

The complete operation of the beam can be remotely controlled and monitored by battery driven hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cylinders, cameras, and proximity switches. This will improve the safety and efficiency of the operation.

Impressive in size and capacity

With a total weight of the 250 tons high tensile steel, the beam is not only impressive in its dimensions, but also in lifting capacity. The total length measures no less than 34 meters, with a lifting capacity of SWL 3,200 tons.

technical drawing of lifting beam


Lifting beam, adjustable spreader and link plates

The image below shows the complete lifting and rigging configuration, with the lifting beam, the modified spreader and multiple link plates.

lifting and rigging construction on board heavy lift vessel These link plates have also been designed and constructed by in a previous project for Scaldis.

Testing Lifting Beam and Spreader

Take a look at this great video of the Trial lift of the Lifting Beam and Spreader, that was executed by Scaldis.

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