Three-armed spreader for lifting Transition Pieces

The team concluded the successful year of 2022 by delivering a new, custom-made spreader to one of our clients in the wind industry.

The spreader is equipped with three arms and has a lifting capacity of SWL 900t. It is designed for onshore lifting operations of Transition Pieces (TP). These TP’s can weigh of up to 585 tons, with a diameter of 6 meter.

three-armed spreader

Three-armed spreader, including slings and shackles

The design and construct process was completed with the engineering of the upper and lower rigging configuration. With the tool delivered the upper sling and the upper and lower shackles to be used during the lifting operations.

A final load test was successfully executed, testing the tool under the maximum capacity and an off-center CoG position. Upon completion the spreader has been DNV certified and is now ready for operations by our client.


Are you also working on lifting and/or handling projects that require custom-made lifting or rigging equipment? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your specific requirements.


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