Spreader modified for Scaldis

Next to the design and construction of a state-of-the-art lifting beam of 32 meter, our customer Scaldis has requested Eager.one to modify one of their existing spreaders. The spreader required an upgrade to be deployed on new lifting projects, making use of the full capacity and capability of the heavy lifting vessel Rambiz.

close-up beam, spreader and link plates

The project started with the engineering of the modification of the spreader. This included the design and calculation of the lengthening of the spreader and the engineering of accommodating the special rigging hoisting system, similar  to the Gulliver lifting beam.

As soon as the design work was done, the actual modification work could start. The spreader itself had to be extended up to 28.8 meters, with a total capacity of 3,000 tons.

Remote operation and monitoring of spreader

The modified spreader is equipped with a safe connection system, designed to minimize the exposure during connecting and disconnecting the rigging. Rigging connection is established via the auxiliary lifting hoists, hydraulic pin-pushers and lower link plates.

Next to that, for the hydraulic control of the pin-pushers, a remote operated battery powered HPU is used. Monitoring of the pin-pusher positions can be done remotely as well, as cameras and proximity switches are installed. The remote operation and monitoring will improve safety and efficiency of the operation.

spreader design


Remote pin-pusher

Did you know that the remote pin-pusher is a recurring item in Eager.one designs? We have also used this technique in the design and construction of our TP tools and other lifting equipment. Of course, always completely engineered according to the specific project requirements.

Trial Lift | Lifting Beam and Spreader

Take a look at this great video of the trial lift of the Lifting Beam and Spreader, that was executed by Scaldis.

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