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Whitepaper – Offshore Feedering: Supporting Global Energy Transition Practically

Using feeder barges to supply wind turbine components to precious offshore installation vessels seems like a no-brainer. But why shuttle cargo with your most expensive and time-critical piece of equipment? While becoming more common practice in near shore and benign environments, the industry has yet to reach consensus on how this can be practically achieved in the global market. Minor changes in the details can make or break your workability or introduce unacceptable risk into your campaign. The US market highlights the need for practical solutions to barge feedering which can be applied to global markets to support the current and future appetite of offshore renewables. The Feeder Alliance is a collaboration of innovative companies looking to provide a detailed, innovative approach to barge feedering.


Emerging technologies from Seaqualize, and  are combined with the operational footprint and local industry know how of Sea of Gravity. Resulting in a highly sophisticated joint operability and weather downtime analysis delivered by our teams. While using state of the art motion response analysis along with actual hindcast data from the Vineyard Wind lease area.

Read the whitepaper here: Offshore Feedering: Supporting Global Energy Transition Practically

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As an independent partner, we advise about, design and construct everything from concept study to project completed. Our in-house developed design software calculates everything concerning mobile cranes and bespoke heavy equipment, while our people offer the expertise and skills that secure your success.


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Our 40 years of experience provides the basis of a successful start of your project: right from the FEED phase. Preparation is vital. Therefore our concept studies, method statements and mission equipment offer you all the support you need.


Consultancy / Design & Construction

Our aim is to optimize your project team’s results. With our exclusive knowledge of lifting and transportation we eliminate and manage risks. This is how we reach our collective goal: Zero Accidents, Zero Incidents.



We have built up a great deal of experience with the design of (mobile) cranes and bespoke heavy equipment such as piling machines and excavators. Our customer base includes the most prominent producers of cranes and heavy machinery worldwide.

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