Flare Tip Replacement A-Frame

For more than 20 years Eager.one has been involved in the design of Flare Tip replacement equipment. Together with local partners (Asia, Middle East, USA and South America) Eager.one provides full scope Flare Tip replacements on- and offshore.

The A-Frame is a modular construction and can be used on most flare structures also offshore even on flare booms and FPSO’s. There is no need for additional cranes or helicopters, all items will be lifted to the flare top platform manual and by means of a hand carried single pole (In the picture below).

Eager.one has provided method statements, equipment and for a number of cases replacement services for over 50 projects.

The A-Frame can be used on existing assets but is also a great alternative for a Retractable Davit.

Eager.one also provides Retractable Davits and Temporary Installed Davits, please see our Flare Davit Article (link)

Flare tip replacement A-Frame

For more information please contact us, we are Eager to support your flare tip replacement project.

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We have built up a great deal of experience with the design of (mobile) cranes and bespoke heavy equipment such as piling machines and excavators. Our customer base includes the most prominent producers of cranes and heavy machinery worldwide.

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