A crane system offers the possibility for single blade exchange

LiftWerx, a specialist in alternative lifting solutions for wind turbine corrective repairs, asked Eager.one to design a specialized crane system to mount up-tower cranes to a Siemens 2.3MW wind turbines, in order to perform single blade exchanges from within the nacelle.

It was challenging to design such a lightweight and optimized crane system, taking into account the lack of available space in the turbine. We came up with a system consisting of lightweight structural modules, creating mounting positions for several different crane systems, as noted below.  The primary crane to be used on this crane system is LiftWerx’s GenHookTM up-tower crane, which can perform gearbox, generator, and blade exchanges on wind turbines. With no winches on the ground, this crane can be mounted on both onshore and offshore turbines. The entire crane is contained within the nacelle, with no ground footprint whatsoever.

Are you interested to learn how this new crane-less technology can add value at your wind farm? Please visit LiftWerx’s website at www.liftwerx.com.

Crane systems

GenHookTM Crane
This up-tower crane, which is designed by our sister company Kenz-Figee, is designed to replace generators in wind turbines.  The GenHook replaces Generators, as well as gearboxes and single blades.

Heli-Hook™ Crane
The Heli-Hook is designed for up-tower gearbox repairs to perform Helical module lifts during up-tower gearbox repairs.  The Heli-Hook™ can also be used to assemble a GenHookTM in a wind turbine nacelle. Modifications have been made to apply better in the wind turbine.

HMF Crane

All Siemens 2.3MW wind turbines are equipped with a standard HMF crane at the back of the nacelle (the housing at the top of the mast). During the assembly of LiftWerx’s up-tower cranes, a second HMF crane is placed on the crane base, to build up the Heli-Hook™.

Are you interested to learn more?  Please check out this additional article about the YawHook™, a crane which can assembled by hand in wind turbine nacelles.

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